Frequently Ask Question

List of FAQs

Can I have free trial service?

Of course, you will get free trial work from us. Just make a free trial request. We are here ready to provide you your required sample or service. Again, you can also download our sample from here (hyper link) to see our work quality.

What kind of images do you accept?

You can send images with any kind of format. We usually prefer JPG, PSD, TIFF, PNG, or EPS. However, we always recommend JPG format to save time. By the by you can send any kind what is suitable for you.

Is My FTP account secure enough?

Yes, it is always secure. We provide individual FTP account with unique username and password.

Can I get a quotation quickly?

You will get your desired quotation as soon as possible. We are available 24/7 with great customer support.

Within how much time can I get my finished images?

The turnaround depends on the complexity and quantity of images. After getting your images we will inform you the exact turnaround. However, we always try to complete the job within the expected turnaround of the clients.

What are your working hours?

We are available 24/7/365. Get us

Do you use my images for any other purposes?

Never. We do not use your images for commercial purposes or sell to third party. You can make your faith on us.

What is your payment cycle?

You can pay daily, weekly, or monthly according to your wish. We are so much interested to build a long-term relationship with our clients.

What will you do if I am not satisfied with my completed images?

All of our designers are from famous graphic design institutes. They are experts on any kind of editing. That is why there is less chance to make any mistake. We are clear on instruction from very first. By the by if you need any correction, we will provide that without taking any extra cost.

How can I get a quotation from you?

Just make a quotation request and upload your images. We will provide you your desired quotation within 1 hour. Again, you can get idea about price from our pricing page.

How can you provide super service with lower cost?

We live in lower labor cost area. We can assign skilled designers even with lower salary. So, you can take the master quality service with much lower cost.

What is the minimum quantity of images to make an order?

Quantity does not matter at all. You can send one-two-ten or bulk images. We always give priority of you needs. We know even one image is so much important for you. So, send (hyper link of quotation form) images with any quantity.

Do you provide any discount for bulk images?

Sure. For bulk images, you will get attractive discount.

Is there any limitation of image size quantity?

No, there is no limitation of file size or amount of images. You can send files with any size, bigger or smaller. For vast size, you can easily use FTP system.

Is there any guarantee of quality service?

Our designers have years of experience of photo editing service. They can handle any kind of task with efficiency. We check completed images three times before sending these to you. So, you can feel free about quality.

What is your payment method?

At first, you will get your finished images. And, when you are happy with these images, we will send you an invoice or link for payment. You can easily pay through Paypal, Master card, American Express, Visa or Direct Debit.

If you have any more question to ask, please contact us any time.