We have set our privacy policy to show how clippingphotoshop.com use your information got from you in a very confidential way. When you use our website and giving your information, we should protect that strictly.  It is one of our main duties to ensure you that all of your given important are protected here very carefully. In order to use any website one must have to provide details information to the website owner and the client will be identified later according to that information. These information demand privacy and we are here always conscious to maintain that. The information can only be used according to privacy statement from you. There are some standard process through which we collect the information of clients.

What we want

  • Original Name and job title of clients
  • Email address and contact details
  • Postcode and interests
  • Necessary information for customer survey

Why we collect those information

We need your information to provide you best service and to continue a good business relationship with you. We keep these records to help you in case if you have lost your information that you provided us. Again, in order to improve our service we may use your information but that should be negotiated with you. We can also use your mail address to send our updated promotion that can be interesting to you. Sometimes we can use your contact information for market research and can update our website according to your demands.

Privacy of images.

Clippingphotoshop.com never uses your images for any commercial purposes or any other places. Even we do not use the free trial images of our clients. We are committed to keep the extreme privacy of your images. If we need your images for any purpose or to use on our website, we will inform you to have your permission. But it is entirely up to you whether you will give us the permission to use your images or not. You can also send us mail requesting not to use your images. Usually we do not use images of clients for any personal purpose.

We control your personal information so that no one can use that. Your provided information is always secure here and if anytime you see that security has not been maintaining by us, you can inform us instantly. We will take proper step to keep secure your vital information.

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