Image Masking Service

Image Masking Service

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Image masking service is another provided service of Clipping Photoshop and we can do that with super quality. The images, which have fur or hair need clipping mask technique to remove background from images. Only clipping path service is not enough to extract details hair or fur from images. The aim of Clipping Photoshop is to ensure the client satisfaction and to gain that we treat each image with extreme concern. You may have some images which need image masking service to remove complex background to present them on different web pages. Therefore, you must have to take the service of skilled image editor who are specially trained on photo masking service.


• Advanced Layer Masking

• Complex Hair Masking and Fur Masking

• Alpha Channel Masking

• Transparent Masking for Complex Glass Images

• Photoshop Collage Masking

Some images are not suitable for standard clipping path to produce better result. In this case, image masking service is needed to bring exactly standard quality and Clipping Photoshop provides image masking service with high level. You or any clients expect always better and nothing less. Therefore, we are always concern about the demands of the clients. Clipping Photoshop has a number of highly skilled designers who are always busy to ensure the highest level of photo masking service. They use the updated Photoshop masking techniques to remove the background of images, which have hair or fur. We can separate that kind of images from any kind of background and then can set those images on your desired background, which may have dark or gradient colors. We can separate the images from background or foreground by maintaining high quality and extreme level of details.

Image Masking Service



• Remove background from images

• Extract details hair or fur from images

• Present mode images with details hair

• To bring the natural hair of model images

• Cutout preferred image removing surrounded background

• Create transparency through glass images

• Create magazine covers and advertisements with the model images

• Select the model images with raising or flying hair (hair masking)

• Take the exact edges of tree, flower images

• Bring exact hair or fur of animal images

• Take fine edges of jewellery images


Our designers are trained properly to work on any kind of complex images and they are wise enough to show the exact problem of your images. Each designer is expert on individual area of photo editing services and through their performances they always try to prove that they are master in each field. They are expert on layer masking, alpha masking, and hair masking service. And you obviously know that the images finished by those techniques are used in a vast area of catalogue business, advertising business, and web stores etc. As a well reputed photo editing company Clipping Photoshop understands the context in which the finished images will be using. In order to ensure best possible result we closely work with our clients from different countries and it help us to understand the exact needs of our clients.


It is true that producing manually masking image is a time consuming task but clients always want that kind of images. Do not worry at all, as we have in house design studio open at 24/7 to provide you the qualitative handmade image masking service. We are habituated with any kind of complexity as our designers are trained from well-reputed graphic design institution. With the help of Photoshop masking technique we can bring the right one which you just need. Even you will have discount for bulk images but the quality will be always high, as you need. So, still you will late to have your desired service from us!