You can get a number of options to send and receive your files. You can use any of these according to your wish.

1. Website based upload-download:

You can use our web based upload-download option. Through our website, you can upload any kind of images with any weight. You can upload-download multiple images and as large as you need. It is so much flexible and you do not have to use any third part option to upload-download your images.

2. Our FTP option

Our web based uploading system is easy to use and of course user friendly. However, at the same time you can use FTP to upload and download your images. Please (contact us) to get your FTP login details and tutorial of using FTP.

3. Your personal FTP system

You can use your own FTP system to upload and download your files. Just upload your images on your own server and send us the login details. Here we will login and download your images. After completing, we will send these to you.

4. Third Party Options

If you want, you can also send your images through third party options as; Dropbox, Hightail etc. We will work on these and send to you.

However if you need any help or face any problem while uploading or downloading your files, please contact us any moment.

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