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5 Ways of Using Image Editing Services to Bring E-commerce Success

Today we will teach you to use image editing services perfectly to create enchanting images for your website.

These days, if you are not able to provide good and quality pictures using image editing services to the website of your business then you are doomed.

Images are the best way to convert your possible customers to actual buyers. It may seem a bit confusing to you but this is the truth and you must use image editing services to produce attractive images.

The optimization of the product image is the key step in fine tuning the overall performance of e-commerce your business. However, most of the online shops fail to provide quality and optimized photos to their websites and hence they cannot hit the business goal. This is because,’ seeing is believing’.

Even if you are selling screws in your shop then you have to be really good with the pictures so that, the potential buyers see would be able to see what are buying. By seeing the pictures, they will have a really good understanding of the values and specifications of the item they are purchasing.

This is the reason, when you are starting an online business, you are recommended to use high-quality pictures of the objects as it increases the sales.

Which Products need web optimization?

The top products that requires image to increase the sales are, clothing, cars, real estate and food. If you are intended to start a shop consisting any of these then it is a must for you to start using product photos to attract the customers to buy the items you are selling.

Not just for these products, even if you are selling screws and nuts, it is a must for you. Hence, know the tricks and tips or using image editing services and providing photos to your website so that you are able to hook the clients in minutes.

So, you might want to know why optimizing product photos are so important.

Well, here are the top five reasons that will literally change your perspective and make you optimize the photos for your online store.

Top 5 Reasons to Optimize Your Images for Your Website:

  1. The customers want to see what they are buying exactly:

The first reason behind providing the image of the product is to help the customer to see the actual image of the product. I mean, would you spend your money on something that you cannot see?

In the same way, if the customers are unable to see what they are buying from the e-store they will go somewhere else. No one will ever put down even a small amount of money on a useless item. The clients emphasize more on the visuals because they want to make sure that it meets their needs.

The description of the products is fine but nothing can beat a clear and good quality picture.

Image Editing Services


Simple photos: Well, a lot of the people ask how to present the products to the possible customers. The first mantra is to keep it simple, present the product to the clients in the most simple, straightforward and uncluttered manner which means, no distractions from or additions to the products they will be receiving.

Make sure they have the picture of the thing that they will be receiving, nothing else. Displaying your product on a clean white background is the best way to present it. This is because; any other text or colorful background can be very distracting. If you are wondering how to do it then, here is the process.

This can easily be done on Photoshop. You can get the perfect white background just by clipping using the pen tool. It is the most effective way to achieve the white background. You need to trace around the edges of the product, then cut it out and place the product image on the top of white layer. All are possible through right using of image editing services.

Then use the blurring tool to blur out the sharp edges to make the image more natural and attractive. However, you need to keep in mind that you should not make the image blurry because that will make the product image look unnatural.

Choose a good angle: Well, you should position the picture in such a way that it represents each and every details of the product. Place the photo in such a manner that it makes the customer buy your product.

You should be careful while doing the photography of your products but in case if you are unable to do it then use the crop, rotate and straighten option in Photoshop to emphasize on the important parts of the product.

Most of the large online companies appoint professional product photographers to take the best shot of their items. This is because; they are aware of the perfect angle to represent a product for selling it to the potential buyers.

Highlight important detailing of the product: Just because you do not pay attention to some particular aspects of the product that does not necessarily mean that your customers will do the same. The things that are not important to you can be important to your customers.

Hence, it is a must to provide high quality images with every important details present in it. In addition to this, by providing high-quality images you are also saving yourself from answers hundreds of questions of the customers regarding the product.

You can increase the sharpness of the product in Photoshop to focus more on the important parts. Just select the sharpening tool from the option and use your mouse on the specific parts of the photo to make it more attractive and lively.

  1. The customers are visually literate these days:

These days the customers we are having are more visually literate than ever before. As they are using apps like, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest etc. almost every day of their life they are aware of good and effective images as well.

With an accurate honed visual skill, they have no to little tolerance for substandard images. For this reason, to attract them to buy your product you need to provide such quality image that will capture their mind and they will not go to any other shop rather they would buy from you.

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Pay attention to the resolution of the image: For doing this you need to be very careful about the resolution and image size. To acquire this, you need to shoot the images of the products in RAW format rather than JPEGs.

The reason behind this is, the files get compressed in JPEG format which means, a good number of important information and detailing will be removed from the image while creating the smaller sized file.

JPEG will also decrease the options regarding the colors, exposure and tonality at the time of post processing of the photos in Photoshop. Use Photoshop to simply do some alterations in your product photos to make it more alluring. Make the images a bit bigger, for example; just increase the size of the image from 250 pixels to 350 pixels. This is indeed a great opportunity to bring perfect resolution to you images using image editing services.

The result you will obtain will be amazing. It has been found from various studies that, using bigger images increases the sells by almost 63%. You can also have a zooming option on the webpage of your shop, so that the buyer can zoom in specific parts of the image to see every details of the photo.

It is always recommended from the experts of this field to use multiple images of good resolution, so that the clients can see the product they are busying from various angles. As they are required to rely on the online photos at the time of buying the item, it is a must for the seller to provide pictures that will assure the customer about it colors, size and other aspects.

Hence, it is very important for you as the owner of the online shops to use such photos that are in RAW format and does not blur out the details and colors of the product.

  1. Clients are ready to pay good money for the brand images:

Two items but similar design, same material, same construction and also made in the same factory. We will call both the item as exactly similar but yet one is being sold almost twice of the price of the other one. What is the reason behind it?

The answer is simple, the brand image of the product. It is all about the context of the picture. If you are such photo in your e-commerce store that gives of  a cheap-looking and badly thought through then, the customers will not agree to buy as they are thinking bad of the product you are providing online.

Bad photos always gives a cheap vibe which is why, the clients predict that, it is not as good as the one that other store is selling with a higher price. The product might be exactly same but due to the bad quality of the picture they will not agree to pay higher price for it.

Remove background from images


Get a good and clean background: You will eventually remove the background of the image at the post production editing in Photoshop but using a clean and white studio background will help you in doing the editing work swiftly and nicely, You can use boards, large white paper, a light tent or just plain white cloth to give a cleaner background to the product image.

Pay attention to lighting of the photo: Uneven color, strange background makes the photo dull and ugly. You should use good lighting while taking the picture of the product. Some of the photographers prefer the natural day light to shoot their photos.

If you are unable to do it at the time of shooting then you can use Photoshop to change the color contrast and lighting. This is very simple, just choose the contrast and brightness option of image editing services.

If the image is dull then increase the contrast and if the image is too dark then use brightness and contrast tool together to get the perfect lighting. The color of the photos can also be toned down by using the color option. It can be very easily done in Photoshop.

However, it is very must preferable to use the color amount of lighting at the time of shooting the photo. Buying yourself three small strobe units or flash along with few good stands will be better for you.

  1. Your competitors are doing it:

If you ask why you need to do this then the straight answer to your question is your competitors are doing this. Image optimization is in trend. These days, businessmen are doing this to make the product more attractive to the customers.

The only reason, your customers will choose the optimized image over your ones regardless of how good products you are selling is the quality of the image.

For this reason, if you want to prosper in the world of online e business then it is a must for you to optimize your images in the right way to attract the clients to buy your product. The better your images are the more will be the customers.

Photo retouching service


Using right tool: There is nothing that can beat the appropriate use of the right photography tools. You really need to know which lens would be perfect for capturing the item pictures nicely, whether you should use flash or not, what type of reflector should you use etc.

while taking the photo of the products. Trust me; you would get a perfect picture to attract your customers.

Use a filename that has SEO value: There are lots of factors that go into determining hr overall performance of SEO and the name of the image file is one of them. However, do not over think about it.

Just use sensible and descriptive file names for the images including a relevant keyword. You will be amazed after doing this as well. Your competitors are doing everything using best image editing services to attract the potential clients and as the owner of a business, you cannot just let your competitors snatch all the customers from you.

For this reason, it is a must for you to use a good SEO name for your image. For example, vintage_table_fan.raw is good but CANON_1456.raw has no SEO value.

  1. It does not cost a lot:

As you are a small business owner, you must always e aware of the expenditure and costing regarding your online businesses.

Cost is always going to be a very major factor in business. The more money you are going to spend on the venture of e-commerce shop, the more you will need to make before you start to count a profit.

However, producing a good quality picture does not cost a lot. In fact, if you have a good camera and ready to work hours, you do not even require paying anything for all these except your time.

Even if your time is too costly for you then hiring a good company that will help you photography and editing will not require thousands of dollars.

Clipping Photoshop


Free photo editing suites: If you cannot justify the premium software of Adobe there are a lot of free alternatives available online. However, nothing can beat the quality and flexibility of Adobe.

If your photography skills are not sloppy then you will not need much post production help from Photoshop. If you want to produce attractive and clear images of the items you are selling in your webpage then it is a must to come up with such photos that will make the clients say wow.

Background removal and retouching on budget: The only thing that you need to edit in every item picture is the background. If you use a uniform and pristine white background for each of the products then editing will be much easier for you.

The clipping path method is quite easy but as it is time consuming a lot of the people do not prefer doing this on Photoshop. If you are already an expert of Photoshop then you can cut the item image from the photo and paste it on a plain white background in a couple of minutes.

If it is hard for you to spend time on these stuffs then you can take the help of the companies who are editing and retouching photos to make it perfect for the online shops.


Days ago photo editing was an expensive job. You required having a good computer with expensive software to turn the picture into a profession al one.

Now-a-days, it has become very easier. The importance of optimized photos in e-commerce stores is immense. You cannot earn a handsome amount of profit without providing quality pictures to the webpage. Hence, you cannot overlook its advantages.

Although it needs money, the profit you are getting in return is for long time. We are a company that is doing the image editing services and optimizing for our clients. We are in this business for quite a long time and our experts know the right way to optimize a product image. If you are unable to edit and optimize photos then we are always there to help you out.

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